Pewit’s Nest

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Pewit’s Nest is a 200-yard sandstone gorge cut by Skillet Creek near Baraboo, Wisconsin. Featuring large natural pothole pools, elegant waterfalls and cascades, and vertical gardens of ferns and mosses, the Nest is a unique geologic feature to the Wisconsin landscape. As a State Natural Area managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Reswources, Pewit’s Nest is a public resource open to all visitors. ¬†Unlike any place in the state, the Nest is truly an aesthetic and recreational Wisconsin treasure.

Unfortunately, Pewit’s Nest increasingly suffers from too much love and too little respect. As its popularity has grown, negative visitor impacts have also increased. Trash, smoldering campfires, cliff vandalism and other remnants from last night’s party often deface the creek shoreline and cliff ledges. Hikers and swimmers exploring the cliff edges erode soil and displace plants, disrupting fragile cliff ecology and destroying delicate vertical gardens that have taken hundreds of years to develop. For these reasons, we hope to educate visitors about the threats to Pewit’s Nest and ways you can help protect this invaluable Wisconsin resource.